The Promise of the Rainbow

Genesis 9:12-17

Matthew and Michael were walking in the field with their Daddy.  It had recently rained, and they noticed a lovely rainbow in the sky.  The three of them stopped to admire it.

“Daddy,” said Michael, “that rainbow looks like it ends at Mr. Chavez’s farm.  It looks like it comes down right into his hayfield!”

Matthew said, “I think if I ran fast enough I could catch it!”

Daddy asked the boys, “Did you ever stop to think that when you look at a rainbow, God is looking at it too?”

“Well, I suppose he is,” said Matthew, “for the rainbow is up there where God lives, isn’t it?  It would be hard to ignore a rainbow that was right in our living room!”

His father smiled.  “That’s true, son.  And God notices every rainbow that is formed.  Each time He sees one, He remembers the promise He made to Noah.”

“He will not flood the whole earth again to destroy it, will He, Daddy?” said Michael, who was still not a little afraid of thunderstorms.

His father nodded.  “God keeps His promises!  We can be sure of His love and care for us.”

The Lord has been mindful of us; He will bless us.
Psalm 115:12

For Further Study:

  • God keeps His promises, but sometimes His promises are hard to see.  For example, He promised heaven to His faithful children, but life is long and sometimes we forget that Heaven is waiting for us.
    One of the toughest parts about faith is that it is based on things we cannot see (Hebrews 11:1).  What unseen things do we have faith in?  Take some time to read Hebrews 11 today.  You will learn a lot about how faithful people should keep an eternal view, and trust in God to keep His promises.
  • What promises have you made to people?  Pray to God to help you keep your promises and be as faithful to them as He is to His.

You may want to read this post to see how our family studied these verses.

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