Reading: Leviticus 11:41-45

Louis was looking at his picture book from Bible class.  He was looking at a picture of the tabernacle.  Men in the picture were dressed in special robes, and they were leading different animals to the tabernacle for sacrifice.

“I’m glad I didn’t live in Bible times, Daddy,” said Louis.

“Why is that, son?” asked his father.

“There were too many rules!  I don’t think I could remember them all.  Wasn’t it an awfully strict way to live?”

“It did have many rules,” agreed Daddy.  “We have to remember that God had a special purpose for the Israelites.  Do you remember the special Person who would come from their nation?

“Jesus!” said Louis.

“That’s right,” said his father.  “And because such a special Person was to come from their family, the Israelites had to live in a special way.  All of these rules made them different from the idol-worshippers around them.  It made the Israelites realize that they had to be holy and special, like God and their future Messiah.”

“It would still be a hard way to live,” said Louis, looking again at the picture in his book.

“I agree, son, and I’m thankful God freed us from that way of life when Jesus died and taught us to live as Christians.  But God’s people still have to think of God as holy and special, and we still have to live in a way that shows we belong to Him.”

“Why, how can we do that, Daddy, when we don’t have the same fancy clothes or other rules that those people had?” asked Louis, pointing to the picture of the priest.

“Well, the New Testament still teaches us how to act, and talk, and dress in a way that shows people we belong to God.  We talk about the Bible, we act kindly, and we dress modestly.  People will notice how different we are, even if it’s not as obvious as it is in your picture book.  The way we spend our time, the things we spend our money on, and the way we treat others, all show people what is in our hearts.  And Who is supposed to be in our hearts, Louis?”

“Jesus!” said Louis, who felt this was a safe answer since it worked before.

His father smiled and hugged him.  “You are right again!  Jesus Christ is in our hearts, and we must show Him to everyone because we love Him.”

Memory Verse: Therefore be ye holy, for I am holy.  Leviticus 11:44 (also quoted in 1 Peter 1:16).

For Further Study:

  • In the book of Leviticus, from chapters 11-15, the word “unclean” is found more than 100 times. Read Acts 10.  Peter was told by God that the foods which were once unclean to the Jews could now be eaten.  What did that tell Peter about Cornelius and other Gentiles?
  • Have you ever heard the saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”?  Read these verses to see what God says about “cleanliness” today:
    Matthew 23:27-28 ~ What does God really want us to cleanse?
    Acts 22:16 ~ How are men able to “wash” themselves on the inside?
    2 Corinthians 7:1 ~ What happens when a person washes his soul?
  • How often do you wash your hands?  How often do you wash your face?  How often do you wash your body? Do you pray this often?  Prayer for help and forgiveness helps cleanse our souls from disobedience.  It lifts away the filthiness of our sins, and also the guilty feelings we may carry around.  It can refresh and revive our spirits!  We give up many benefits when we neglect prayer.  Make a plan today to pray more often (not just at mealtimes, and not just with mom and dad).  Can you put up reminders or have people help you?
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