Sample Lesson Format

This is how a sample lesson might look in our home, where I have three kids at different ages and reading levels (2 in elementary & one in preschool).

Each of the lessons that I wrote has three parts – a reading, a discussion section, and then further study.


Bible Reading


The assigned Bible reading is given at the beginning of each lesson.

Reading: 2 Chronicles 7:11-18

Sometimes I am the reader; sometimes my children read to the family.  Then I will ask them to narrate.  It takes about 15 minutes, depending on how long the reading is.  That may be enough for one day’s lesson.


Story Time/Discussion


For the studies posted on my sites, the discussion sections are in a storybook format.  If you are doing the Daily Bible Studies, most of these are not, they are actually more like a textbook discussion.

“I am very glad that today is the Lord’s day,” said Lily, “for I will see Julie today at church.”

Lily’s mother considered this while smoothing the little girl’s hair with a brush.  Then after the last ringlet was subdued, Mother asked, “Well Lily, what if Julie were not at church today?  Would you be glad to be going to church?”…..

For many children, this story is enough for one lesson.

You can ask the children to narrate this discussion section.  I might ask, “What do you think about this story?  What did you learn today?  How did this help you love God more?”


Additional Study


The “For Further Study” questions are for older, more independent learners.  They can discuss their answers with you later or at the next Bible study session.  I don’t use these questions with my kids yet.  I’m saving them for when they are older, perhaps 10-11 years of age.

For Further Study:

Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.  God calls each of us His temple.  Our bodies belong to Him….

Another idea I had for older kids was to do the reading & discussion section with mom, then the “For Further Study” questions with dad later on in the day.

I encourage you to tailor these studies to your children’s abilities and where they are in their spiritual growth.

Please read my post on simplifying lessons for more information about adapting these lessons for younger children or multi-age groups.  You can also read my post about the five-day format, which has ideas for splitting these readings up and adding activities for five days of in-depth study.

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