Why so many names?

Reading: 1 Chronicles 9:1-9

“It is very tedious,” said Jenny, “to read a long list of names from the Bible. I have trouble pronouncia-ting all of them.”

Her father smiled and said to her, “You did a very good job with those names, Jenny.”

Jenny’s brother William said, “I should like to know why these names are all listed here, Daddy.  There seem to be so many.”

“Do you recognize any of those names, son?” asked his father.

“I recognize some of them.  I recognized Adam, of course, and Jacob.”

“Yes, there are some famous ones there.  And some not-so-famous.  There are great men and wicked me, rich and poor, kings and scoundrels.  Do you remember why God made such a great nation of people?  What was God getting ready to do?”

“They were getting ready for Jesus Christ, father,” said Jenny, for she remembered that the theme of the Old Testament is: Christ is coming.  “The baby Jesus would be born from a family of Israelites.”

“That’s right, Jenny.  And because there were lists of names like this, people could see that Jesus Christ really did come from the family of David and the tribe of Judah, just like the Scripture prophesied.  After all, they needed to be sure that He was the true Messiah spoken of by the prophets.  There was no question that Jesus was the Messiah they had been waiting for.”  Father smiled at his children.  “Do you think God remembers all these names?”

“I should think he does,” said William, “for God does not forget anything!”

“You’re correct.  And when we read these names, preserved in this Book, we can remember that God knows who are His.  He knows the names of all His little lambs, just like you know the names of all your precious pets, dolls, and friends!  He does not forget anyone.”

“He will not forget me, will He, Daddy?” asked Jenny.

Her father nodded.  “Just as surely as you know the names of all your special loved ones, God knows His loved ones as well.”


For Further Study:

  • Look over Matthew Chapter 1. It starts with Abraham and goes through the ancestors of Christ until Joseph. Do you recognize some of the names in the list? What do you remember about them?
  • Do you know that God has written down the names of all His faithful children? They are in the Book of Life in Heaven. You can read about this book in Revelation 3:5, 13:8, and 20:12.
  • Have you ever written down the names of your ancestors? Can you name your grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins? How far back can you go?
    Now write down your spiritual ancestors: who is teaching you the gospel (include parents, Bible class teachers, preachers, and others who influence you in Godly living)? Who taught them? Do you know who taught those people? Perhaps you can find out. It’s wonderful to learn how the gospel was taught from one person to the next in God’s spiritual family. We have a wonderful spiritual heritage in His kingdom!
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