God Searches for Us

Reading: 2 Chronicles 16:7-12

You have read many Bible verses about seeking the Lord. Did you ever stop to think that the Lord seeks you??

Asa the king had many enemies. He could have sought help from the Lord. Instead, he relied on himself and his army. The Lord did not give him a victory. Even when Hanani the prophet tried to warn Asa, Asa did not repent and ask for forgiveness. He became angry instead, putting the prophet into prison and hurting his own people. How foolish and stubborn Asa was!

Even in his old age, when he was sick, Asa was stubborn. You would think that poor health would humble Asa, but he still did not seek God. God may have healed him. Even if God did not heal him, at least Asa would have been prepared for death.

Asa could have avoided his fate. As Hanani told him, God searches for those hearts that are willing to completely trust in Him. Hanani came to Asa three years before Asa became sick – God gave him so much time to repent!

Sometimes it can feel frustrating or scary to know that God is always watching us. But God isn’t watching us so that He can punish us. He’s watching so that “He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” He is looking for a chance to help us, if we will let Him.

For Further Study:

  • Sometimes it’s hard to say “I’m sorry.” When we feel sorry for our mistakes, God will always forgive us, but sometimes our mistakes leave results that cannot be erased. It is like getting a cut that leaves a scar. The skin is healed, but there is still a scar, and sometimes it doesn’t go away. Life sometimes includes these hard lessons. But if we love God, He will be with us and love us despite our scars! See 1 King 21:29; Isaiah 48:9; Ezekiel 20:15-17; and Matthew 18:21-22.
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