God Shows Us The Way

Reading: Leviticus 18: 1-5

Taylor was very excited! He was going to the San Antonio Zoo with his Mimi and Pop-Pop, and they were going to be together the entire day. As soon as they arrived at the zoo, Taylor said that he wanted to see the bears. “Bears are my favorite,” he told his Mimi, “especially the polar bears! Do you think they have a polar bear?”

Pop-Pop smiled and looked around. “They should have one somewhere. I think they have brown bears and koala bears also. Which way would you like to go?”

“It’s a very big zoo,” Mimi told him. “We might not be able to see everything before your Daddy picks us up for dinner.”

“Then I want to make sure we see the bears first, and then say hello to the snakes and tigers. And I would like to see the bears last before we leave the zoo, so I can tell them good-bye.”

“Why don’t we follow everyone else?” asked Mimi.

Taylor looked around. “They’re all going in different directions,” he said. “Besides, they might not want to see the bears like I do. We should look for a sign, or a map.”

“I see a man over there handing out maps,” Pop-Pop said. “I’ll get one for each of us.”

While waiting for him to return, Mimi said to Taylor, “You know, Taylor, we wouldn’t want to get lost in a big place like this. All of these trails wind around the zoo.”

“I know, Mimi,” said Taylor. “We’ll need to pick a place to meet in case we’re separated. It’s a good thing they give us maps.”

“Don’t you think it’s awfully hard to follow a map, though?” asked Mimi with a smile.

Taylor shook his head. “Not once you learn how. Mama taught me how to follow one. And it’s better than being lost.”

Mimi nodded as Pop-Pop returned. “That’s the way it is with God’s Word also, honey. Life is very hard to figure out without it. Sometimes it seems like the Bible is hard to learn or follow, but we have to remember that God gave it to us to make our lives easier. He gave it to us so that we can enjoy life, and reach our goal, and not get lost.”

Memory Verse: Therefore be ye ____, for I am ____. Leviticus 11:44 (also quoted in 1 Peter 1:16).

For Further Study:

  • Read again Leviticus 18:3. The Israelites had to leave behind some things in Egypt so that they could make their journey to their Promised Land. The same is true of Christians. They have to leave behind many things and then follow God’s “map” to Heaven. What are some of the things that Christians have to be prepared to give up and/or change in their lives? See Luke 18:29-30; Colossians 3:5; 2 Thessalonians 3:6; 2 Timothy 2:4; 1 John 2:15-17.


  • List your favorite possessions in this world. List your favorite hobbies. List your best friends. Would you be able to give them up if they got in the way of your obedience to God? Pray that you’ll have a heart that would desire to give up anything for the Lord. That’s the kind of heart that Christ had!
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