The Body of Believers

Reading: 2 Kings 12:4-12

“I’m getting tired of this,” grumbled Nathan. He knocked gently on the cast on his leg. “I’ll be very happy when I can take this off.”

“I know you will,” said his Uncle Albert. “It’s not fun having a broken leg. Why didn’t you just tell them to cut it off?”

Nathan looked at his uncle and, realizing that he was joking, he laughed. “Uncle Al, I can’t lose my leg. I need it.”

“Maybe just your toes? Your big toe. It’s ugly anyway.”

Nathan laughed again. “I need my big toe to kick the ball when I play soccer. I don’t think my kicks would be the same without that toe.”

His uncle smiled. “I know. I’m just trying to make a point. Every part of your body’s important, isn’t it? Even the parts that don’t seem that important are really necessary if you think about it. God didn’t make your body with any unnecessary parts.”

“No, He didn’t. God is so wise.”

“It’s the same with your church family. Do you remember that God said we’re all one body? All of us have an important job. All of us have to do our share. When someone doesn’t help, it’s just like being without a leg or a toe.”

Nathan frowned at his cast. “It’s a nuisance. It could even be painful…. Well, Uncle Al, that’s a good lesson. I should do my part and be thankful that other people at church do theirs.”

“Yes. We’re all very important to God. He’s counting on us!”

For Further Study:

  • In 1 Corinthians 12:1-18, Paul says that the church of God is like a body, with Jesus as its head (the most important part which controls everything else). Some people of the body are like the eyes or hands – they’re noticed a lot. And some people are like the feet or ears – not really as pretty, probably not noticed that much. But do our feet say, “Because I’m not a hand, I won’t work today”? Could you get things done without your feet? What else do these verses teach us about working and getting along in the church family?

  • Pretend that 20 years have passed. You are now a Christian and part of the Lord’s body. What kind of work will you do?
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