An Important Promise

Reading: Nehemiah 10:28-33

Taylor itched. Taylor sweated. Taylor felt pinched by his clothes. Taylor was wearing a tuxedo, but he would have rather been in play clothes. Taylor was going to a wedding with his Mimi and Pop-Pop, when he would have rather been going to the zoo. Nevertheless, he smiled when his Mimi looked proudly at him. He was going to be the ring-bearer for the wedding of his aunt, Mimi’s daughter. He knew this was a special day for all of them.

“You look very nice, Taylor,” Mimi said.

“Thank you, Mimi,” said Taylor. He looked at a closed door nearby. “Is that where Aunt Shirley is waiting?”

“Yes, she’ll stay there until Pop-Pop comes to walk her down the aisle.” Mimi looked at her watch. “We’ll be starting very soon. I think they’re both in there praying, so I’ll wait a little while before I knock.”

“What are they praying for?” asked Taylor.

“Well, your Aunt Shirley is about to make one of the most important promises of her life. She’s going to stand in front of all of us and say that she promises to love and honor Mr. Bradley.”

“Then they’ll be husband and wife,” said Taylor. With a grimace, he added, “After they kiss.”

Mimi smiled and said, “Yes, that’s right. Taylor, we make promises all through our lives, but there are two promises we make that are more important than any other. One of these is when we marry. That’s a promise between a man and a woman to love, honor, and take care of each other until they die. They will no longer be alone, and they’ll be a happy family.”

“What’s the other big promise we make?” Taylor asked.

“The other one is even more important. It’s a promise we make when we become baptized. We are forgiven then, and added to Christ’s church. At that time also, we start a new life with God. We promise to honor God and obey Him, and God promises to take care of us and forgive us. We’re supposed to keep this promise until we die also.”

Taylor frowned. “It’s hard to keep a promise for a long, long, time.”

“Yes, that’s why we have to think about it and prepare for it. But God doesn’t want to make it hard for us. He gave us His Word and a church family to help us.”

They both turned as the door opened quietly and Pop-Pop came out, with Aunt Shirley on his arm. Taylor thought his aunt looked so pretty in her long dress.

Mimi leaned over and whispered to Taylor, “Do you see that big smile on Shirley’s face? She’s happy to make her promises to Mr. Bradley, because she knows how much joy it will bring both of them. We can have joy and blessings by being part of God’s family also.”

For Further Study:

  • Do you make promises quickly? Or do you think about them first? God expects His people to have knowledge and understanding (verse 28). In the book of Acts, nobody is baptized without first learning about Christ (Acts 2:37-41 and 8:25-36, for example). John 6:45 and Romans 10:17 tell us the importance of being taught the Word of God. Becoming a Christian is a serious decision and God wants us to be ready for it!

  • Do you remember the story of Daniel? He made a promise to obey God in Daniel 1:8. Can you “purpose in your heart” to be a faithful young person for God? What are some of the things you’d like to learn to do in order to serve God better?
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