God is Very Near

Reading: Psalm 37:1-15

“I can’t believe it’s time to cut your hair again,” Uncle Albert said. His nephew Nathan sat in the chair with a cover draped over his shoulders. “Weren’t you just in here last week?”

“It was two weeks ago, Uncle Al,” Nathan said. “I guess my hair just grows fast.”

Uncle Albert turned the barber’s chair so that Nathan was facing the large mirror on the wall. “Well, you’d save money in the long run if you’d just let me shave it all off. It would be a good four or five weeks before you had to come back.”

Nathan laughed. “Just a trim, please, Uncle. That’s all I want.”

Uncle Albert began working while Nathan sat patiently. Nathan liked these quiet Saturday afternoons in his uncle’s barber shop. He liked the sound of his uncle’s whistling as the scissors snipped and an old-fashioned radio squawked nearby. Today his uncle was playing jazz music.

After a little while, they were finished. Nathan combed his hair in front of the mirror while his uncle began cleaning up. “Look at this mess,” Uncle Albert joked. “How much hair do you think is down here?”

“About ten pounds,” Nathan laughed. “I’ve got thick hair like yours.”

Uncle Albert stopped sweeping and leaned against his broom. “The Bible says that God knows how much hair we have on our heads. In Luke chapter 12, it says that all our hairs are numbered.”

“That’s amazing!” said Nathan. “I can’t even imagine keeping track of something like that.”

“Well, Jesus said that so that we’d know how much God loves us and cares about us. When bad things happen, we can know that God is with us. We don’t have to fret or worry, even when it seems that the world is unfair. God knows that we’re trying to do our best, and that we want to please Him.” As he started sweeping again, Uncle Albert said, “God sees all the wickedness in the world, and someday He’ll punish people for it. We just have to be patient and keep remembering that heaven is our home.”

For Further Study:

  • One of the ways to overcome discouragement is to remember that the wicked will “wither quickly like the grass, and fade like the green herb” (Psalm 37:10). The wicked seem large and lasting only because we are forgetting that there is more to life than this world. When we consider just how short life is, and how long eternity is, then the sin in this world will not overtake us. Read Psalm 103:15-16 and Isaiah 40:6-7. How else is man’s short life described in 1 Chronicles 29:15; Psalm 39:5; and James 4:14?

  • Find an older person at church who can talk to you about their life. Ask them what they would do differently if they had known life would pass by so quickly.
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