Pilgrims for God

Reading: Numbers 9:20-23

Imagine living in the Israelites’ camp. Every morning you woke up and went outside your tent to look at the pillar of cloud. If the cloud rose up and moved, you packed up everything and followed it. If the cloud stayed for a month or a year, you stayed there too. You never knew when the cloud would move. How much the Israelites had to trust in God!

What if Dad came home tonight and said, “We’re moving. I don’t know where we’re moving to, but let’s get packing.” What would that be like?

Do we trust God that much? Do we follow where He says to follow, and do we stay where He says to stay? If the Bible says that something is dangerous, do we stay away from it or do we argue and ask, “why?” What happened to the Israelites when they didn’t listen to God?

Remember, the Israelites were traveling in the wilderness. There were enemies and wild animals all around them. Don’t you think that was scary? But even when the journey was long and hard, they were safe when they followed God. God tells us to do things so that we’ll be safe and learn to trust Him. We follow His commandments because we love Him. God would never lead us somewhere that’s bad for us.

We are only pilgrims here, on our way to our home in Heaven. We have to trust that God is with us. He WANTS to watch over us all the way. He wants us to feel safe and loved. So read your Bible every day. It’s your pillar to guide you!

For Further Study:

  • Christians are supposed to think of themselves as pilgrims, sojourners, and travelers on this earth, on their way to a new Home. See Hebrews 11:13-16. If we’re only travelers here, how should the child of God think about the things he owns and the things he loves? See 1 John 2:17. If we don’t belong to this world, how will we be treated sometimes? See 1 John 3:13.
  • Imagine that you’re one of the Israelites, and it’s time to pack up and go. You only have a little while to get ready – the pillar’s moving on! If you only had 30 minutes to pack, what would you take? What would you leave behind?
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