Treasure in Heaven

Reading: Psalm 49:5-9

Lily was trying on winter clothes that her mother had taken out of the closet. They were going to see which ones fit her for the cold weather ahead. The clothes that were too big would be stored away for next winter. The clothes that were too small would be given to her cousin Julie at church.

“I remember this,” Lily said, holding up a pick striped sweater. “I hope it still fits me, Mama. It was my favorite.” She held it up to herself and turned to the mirror.

Lily’s mother stopped folding clothes and looked at her. “Well, it still fits you, but I’m afraid something else got to it before we did.” She pointed to a hole in the sleeve. “That looks like a moth made it.” Mother frowned. “I should have stored that in the trunk with the other sweaters.”

“Oh!” Lily was disappointed. “Do you think it’s ruined? Can we mend it?”

“I’ll try, dear. Or you can just wear it around the house and we’ll find other sweaters for wearing outside.” Mother shook her head and resumed her folding. “I wish I had taken better care of your favorite sweater. I’m sorry.”

“If I put it in the trunk next spring, moths can’t get to it then,” said Lily. “I can wear it forever!”

Mother smiled. “I know you love that sweater, Lily, but eventually you’ll outgrow it. Besides, our clothes don’t last forever. Nothing lasts forever, except for what we treasure up in Heaven. That’s what the book of Matthew says in chapter six.”

“Can I treasure up my sweater in Heaven?” asked Lily, looking in the mirror again.

Mother laughed, “No, my dear, you can’t. The things we treasure up in heaven are the love we give to others and the good things we do for Christ. God sees this and will reward us for it.”

“Nobody can take those things away from us, can they, Mother?”

“You’re right. Nobody can take them away from us. And they never wear away, nor do moths, rust, or dust get to them. They are fully protected and will be waiting for us in our Heavenly home someday!”

For Further Study:

  • What else does the Bible say about people who trust in their riches? Read Job 31:24-28; Hosea 12:8; and Luke 12:16-21.


  • Do you have treasure in Heaven? Write down the names of the people you pray for and love. Write down the ways you help your family and friends. How much Heavenly treasure have you stored up so far?
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