Safety in God

Reading: Deuteronomy 28:58-67

Sara was very sad. Her lamb Teeny was ill, and Grandmother was going to give Teeny some medicine. Teeny would have to get a shot, and Sara knew that would hurt because she had to have shots when she went to the doctor. Sara did not want Teeny to feel pain.

Grandmother tried to comfort Sara as they walked out to the lamb’s pen. “You don’t want Teeny to get more sick, do you? We want Teeny to get better. This shot will help her get better.”

“I just hate for Teeny to be sick, but I hate for her to have a shot also,” said Sara, blinking her eyes so she would not cry. She didn’t want Teeny to be scared by her tears. “Will I have to hold her for you while you give her the shot?”

“Yes, I’ll need your help. But I’ve done a lot of these, so I’ll be very fast.”

“If she sees the needle she might get scared and run away.”

“Well, she doesn’t know how to be scared of the needle. And she won’t run away if you’re holding her. Remember, your lamb trusts you. Do you know what it means to trust someone?”

Sara thought about this as they neared the barn. “It means to know that someone will do what they say they’ll do.”

“Yes! It’s knowing that when someone makes a promise, he’ll keep it. It’s knowing someone will take care of you, just like they’re supposed to. That’s the way we trust Jesus Christ. We’re like His little lambs, and He’s a Good Shepherd to us, just like it says in John chapter 10.
Now, your little lamb Teeny knows that you’ll feed her, and love her, and never do her harm. Even something a little painful, like a shot of medicine, can be easier to take if she knows you’re nearby to hold her and comfort her.
How much harder the shot would be if you weren’t there! How scared and alone she would feel! I think that’s why so many people in the world feel scared and alone also. They don’t have Jesus to help them feel safe. The world is a scary place to them.”

For Further Study:

  • Read again Deuteronomy 28:64. When they were “scattered” (far away from their land and each other), what would make it hard for the Israelites to stay true to their God? With that in mind, think about why it is important to spend time with other Christians as often as possible. Read Matthew 18:20; Acts 2:42; and Hebrews 10:23-25.

  • Read James 5:13-16. What things are mentioned that all Christians can do for others? Are there people you know whom you can do these things for? Make a list of the people you can serve in these different ways.
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