Under His Wings

Reading: Psalm 57:1-5

Paula and John enjoyed visiting their neighbor, Mrs. Bailey. Mrs. Bailey kept chickens in her back yard, and the children had been visiting every day since a batch of baby chicks had hatched. Today they brought some corn and bread for the chickens. Mrs. Bailey watched them feed the birds as she hung up her laundry.

“Look at that old chicken coop,” she said, pointing to the little wooden house in the corner of her yard. “Those winds we had last night nearly took the roof off. Mr. Bailey went to get a new piece of metal for it today.”

“I can help him put the new roof on,” John offered.

“Oh, he’ll appreciate that!” said Mrs. Bailey. “I really want it on before lunchtime. It’s supposed to rain this afternoon.”

“The poor baby chicks will get wet if that roof isn’t on before the rain comes,” said Paula, lifting one and putting it to her cheek.

“Oh, they’ll stay dry, honey,” said Mrs. Bailey. “They’ll all run under their mamas’ wings when it starts raining, and not a drop will touch them.”

“They do that when they’re scared, too,” said John knowingly. “The first day we came to visit them, they were scared of us and all ran under their mamas.” He frowned. “I guess I shouldn’t have tried to play ball in the yard while they were around.”

Paul laughed. “They probably thought the sky was falling, like the story of Chicken Little. It’s a good thing their mamas were nearby to save them from you!”

Mrs. Bailey smiled and said, “Don’t you know that’s the way Jesus felt about the Jews? He wished He could gather up all His people like a hen gathers up her children. He wanted to protect them and love them, but they didn’t want it.”

“Why wouldn’t anybody want that, Mrs. Bailey?” asked John.

“Well John, you know that some people don’t like to obey Jesus. They don’t read His Word and they want to do things their own way. I think that’s why there are so many worried and fretful people in the world. They run around and feel like the sky is falling or something. If they only let Jesus help them and teach them, they’d feel a lot safer and happier.”


For Further Study:

  • Verse 5 of this Psalm reminds us of something important that God gives us to remember His kindness towards us: worship. Sometimes when people are discouraged, they stop going to worship. This is so dangerous, because when we go to church, we learn the things we need to do to fight sin. When we’re with our Christian friends, we can be encouraged by their love for us. When we sing songs, it reminds us of the promises and commands in His Word. Don’t give up on worship when you feel scared or alone. That’s a chance He gives you every week to draw closer to Him. Of course, you can get closer to Him any time, in prayer and study, but worship is a regular time with church family for prayer, study, and singing. It’s a great blessing! See also Psalm 18:46; Romans 4:20; and Hebrews 10:24-25.

  • What kind of things make you feel safe and courageous? Do you know that God gave you all these things to help you? Write them down and say a prayer of thanks to God for each of these blessings. He knows just what you need to feel better!
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