A Psalm about Grass and Trees

Reading: Psalm 92:5-15

Abel’s grandfather had called him out to the storage shed behind their barn. Abel and his friend Marcus arrived there to find Abel’s grandfather on top of the riding lawnmower. Grandfather waved as they approached. “Time to cut the grass again, boys. Who wants to do the push-mower and who wants to do the weed-eater?”

“I’ll push this time,” said Marcus, “because Abel did it last time.”

Abel reached towards the shelf where Grandfather kept their work gloves. “I can’t believe that grass already needs cutting,” he said. “Seems like we’ve cut it twice this month already.”

“Well, it’s grown fast since we had all those rains,” said Grandfather. “Although I’m not complaining about the rain, it does mean we have to pay more attention to the lawn.”

Grandfather looked at the large expanse of grass before them and said, “Boys, Psalm 92 says that wicked people seem to spring up just like grass. Look at how tall the weeds are in that lawn. It looks like they’re going to take over. Sometimes it feels that way with wicked people too.” He looked at the boys and said, “But, one day God will cut them down just as easily as we trim the lawn. You remember that, boys. Even when it feels like wickedness is taking over this whole world, we have to remember that God is watching, and He’s in control.”

Grandfather pointed to the large oak tree at the edge of the yard where the boys had their treehouse. “Now you look at that tree. What would it take to cut it down?”

“A chain saw, I guess,” said Abel. “It would still take a while, though. That’s a big old tree.”

“Yes! See how well it grows, and how strong it is? That’s what the faithful are like. They continue to grow and flourish. They bear good fruit for the Lord – good works, good thoughts, true worship. That’s just what the Lord loves in His people.”

For Further Study:

  • In verse 14 of this psalm, God tells us that even in old age, a person can be fruitful in His kingdom. A lot of people think that old age should be a time of rest and relaxation, a time to be served and to have pleasure. But the Bible shows us that there are many things God expects from us in old age. Read 1 Timothy 5:17 and Titus 2:2-3 to see what special work older men and women have in the church. Read Leviticus 19:32 and 1 Timothy 5:1-2 to see what kind of attitude we should have toward those who are older.


  • What do plants and trees need to grow? What does God give us so that we can grow into the flourishing, fruitful trees that are mentioned in this psalm?
    What does grass need to grow? What is in the world and in men’s hearts that makes wickedness grow? Think about the things that people “feed” their hearts with in order to encourage sin. How can you keep away from these things?
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