A Wise Master Builder

Reading: Psalm 127

Do you sometimes go driving in town and see construction people and machines putting up new buildings? Do you sometimes make castles and other things in the sand? Do you sometimes build things with blocks or clay?

This psalm talks about a great Builder. Did you know that the Lord can build houses and cities? He does this by working in His people. When Christians ask the Lord to help them have good, loving families, then they are asking people to help them build their homes. When we pray for our country and our neighbors, we’re asking God to help us build up our cities and communities. God can work through Christians to make this a wonderful world.

How else does God build homes and cities? He makes children! This psalm says that children are a gift from God. If children weren’t born, this world wouldn’t go on, would it? Children are a wonderful blessing from God. YOU are a blessing to me!

For Further Study:

  • What other verses do you know that talk about how precious children are to God? Read Psalm 128:3, Proverbs 17:6; and Matthew 19:4.


  • We can be builders for God too! Read 1 Corinthians 3:9-10. God built His church by sending the Word, and we help build it up when we spread the Word.


  • Think about the things that different people in your family are doing. Also, take a look at your town’s newspaper this week. Ask God to help you build your home and city. What can you pray about for your family and community today?
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