Five-Day Bible Study

Perhaps you want a daily Bible lesson for your children but you don’t want to go too quickly through the lessons.  You can take one of my lessons and “stretch it out” over five days for more in-depth study.  Here is how:


For young children


You can print one of my lessons and use it over five days, adding activities that will help younger children process the lesson.  This format requires some extra research and planning on your part as you look for activities that fit you and your child.  Someday I will re-format all my lessons and add kid-friendly activities and songs…. until then, I encourage you to find some that your children enjoy.  As you can see below, there are plenty available on the internet.

DAY ONE ~ Read the assigned Bible passage.  Ask the children to tell the story back to you (narration).  Choose a memory verse to focus on for the week.

DAY TWO ~ Read the discussion story that is included in the lesson.  Ask the children what they learned today.  Practice your memory verse.

DAY THREE ~ Practice the memory verse.  Sing a hymn or Bible song related to the Bible lessons.  Another idea is to do more reading on a character who is mentioned in the Bible story ~ what else is written about this character in the Bible?  What can we learn from his/her life?

DAY FOUR ~ Practice the memory verse. Do an activity related to the story.  You can see more activities and resources listed on my page for 0-6 year olds.

DAY FIVE ~ Recite the memory verse.  Narrate the Bible reading, the discussion story, or both.


For older children


This format helps the older child do more in-depth study pertaining to the lesson.  You can get lessons by clicking on “Find a Study” in the sidebar, or have your child choose a book of the Bible that interests him and download those lessons from the Daily Bible Studies .  The advantage of using the Daily Bible Studies is that they come with Memory Verses and Journal prompts.

DAY ONE ~ Look at the assigned Bible passage.  Instead of reading just that passage, read the entire paragraph (some Bibles separate the text by paragraphs.  If not, look for the verse numbers that are in bold; this indicates a new paragraph), or read the entire chapter.  This helps the children get the full immediate context of the passage.  Have the children narrate the reading.  See if they remember any events that occurred before and/or after this story.

On this day, choose a related memory verse and say it aloud.

DAY TWO ~ Read the assigned Bible verses again.  Read the story/discussion that comes with the lesson.  Narrate.  Say the memory verse together.

DAY THREE ~ Work on the memory verse. Do 1-2 of the “For Further Study” topics that come with the lesson.

DAY FOUR ~ Memory work, then one or more of the following: narration,  “For Further Study,” the Journal activity (if using the Daily Bible Studies).  The student might also want a hands-on activity (such as a worksheet) to reinforce the lesson.   You can see more activities and resources listed on my page for 0-6 year olds.

DAY FIVE ~ Recite the memory verse.  Narrate the lessons learned over the entire week.

You can see a sample of this type of lesson format in my study of Proverbs for young people. Scroll down to the lessons on Proverbs, and click on the link.  These lessons are arranged in a five-day format, with extra readings, memory work, narration, and journal prompts.

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