Bible Time Periods in Motion

Many thanks to sweet Joanne Beckley for passing these along to me.  They were developed by Ed Smith and his family.

This is a good way for children, especially kinesthetic learners, to memorize the historical periods in Bible history.

Before the Flood – Hands and arms shaping the world.

The Flood – Arms out, palms down and swing back and forth from center out – on level plane.

Scattering of the People – Wiggle fingers and the hands “wanders” away from you.

First Fathers – One hand outstretched as if holding a “staff” .

Exodus from Egypt – Two palms together and then “separate” the Red Sea.

Wandering in the Wilderness – One hand palm up with fingers of the other hand “wandering over the other palm, while the palm is also moving in a semi circle.

Conquer and Divide the Land – Action of drawing arrow back from the bow and releasing the arrow. Then one hand “slicing” the other hand.

The Judges – One hand flat, palm down and the other in a fist hitting hand as if a gavel.

United Kingdom – Hold hands together.

Divided Kingdom – Separate fisted hands one above the other.

Judah Alone – Make top fisted hand disappear behind your back.

Captivity – Two fisted hands held up together in front of chest as if chained together, palms facing you.

Return From Captivity – Open palms brought to chest.

Years of Silence – Finger to lips.

The Life of Christ – The sign for Christ in International Sign Language – Each middle finger touching the other palm back and forth (representing the nails).

The Beginning of the Church – to represent Christians, interlock the fingers toward the palm and then turn upward to wiggle the fingers. Or simply lift your hands up and wiggle the fingers.

Letters to the Christians – “Write” on the palm of the other hand. (Hmmm, not a time period? Ha!)


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