Memorizing Psalm 23

This is a little puzzle I made for my children to help them memorize Psalm 23.  It consists of flashcards that can be put together to form a picture.  You will need scissors, glue, and construction paper or cardstock if you want sturdier cards.

Download the flashcards here: Psalm 23 flashcards/puzzle

I have each verse printed with a short explanation to help the child understand what it means.  I used the New King James version of the psalm.

You will notice that I am no artist 🙂  Your child may want to color the puzzle before gluing.  Another option is to have the child color one card at a time, as he learns the verse.

You will notice that the placement of each verse on the page corresponds to each related puzzle piece.  Glue the two pages together back-to-back, or glue a piece of cardstock/construction paper in between them for sturdier cards.  Then cut on the lines.

This is how I used the cards:  I would read verse 1 to the child, then explain it and show her the picture.  Then I would read verse 2 and show her the picture on the back.  Immediately she wanted to put together the whole puzzle, and I let her.  She asked why the puzzle had the pictures that it did – why is there a table?  why is there a scary place in between the mountains? – and so I would read those verses also.

Sometimes I would show the picture and have the child recite the corresponding verse.  It was very satisfying to the children to recite the verses and put together the puzzle as I handed them the pictures.  My goal was to teach one verse a week, but once they became used to putting together the puzzle, it went much faster.  Each of my children memorized this Psalm when they were 3 years old.


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