Our Important Conscience

Reading Psalm 32


This psalm by David shows us what a blessing it is to have God’s forgiveness.  David mourned over his sin and was then comforted by God.


What did David feel like before he asked God for forgiveness?  How does he feel after praying to God?

The following story was written by Howard J. Chidley and published in Fifty-Two Story Talks for Boys and Girls in 1914.  Now out of print, the book may be read free online.






One day, as [a boy] was going across the fields, he came to a pond where he saw a small turtle sunning itself upon a stone which rose out of the water. The boy picked up a stick, and was about to strike the turtle, when a voice within him said, “Stop!” His arm paused in midair and, startled, he ran home to ask his mother what the voice meant. Tears came into his mother’s eyes as she took the boy in her arms and told him that it was his conscience which had cried “Stop!” Then she told him that his conscience was the voice of God, and that his moral safety depended upon his heeding that inner voice.


The same thing is true of all boys and girls. If you obey that inner voice in questions of right and wrong, it will speak to you clearly.   But if you neglect it, it will grow silent, and you will be left in darkness and in doubt as to what is right and wrong.


Some people call this voice the “inner light,” and that is a very good name for it. Every time you walk by the light you put fresh oil in the lamp, and the light grows stronger and the way clearer.


Whenever that inner voice speaks to you and tells you that a thing is wrong, don’t argue with the voice and give reasons for doing the thing that is wrong. Obey the voice at once, as Parker did, and it will save you endless trouble.






For Further Study:


  • Read 2 Corinthians 7:9-11.  The Corinthians had sinned, and Paul had pointed out their sin to them.  Their sorrow over their sin caused them to repent.  This is called “godly sorrow,” because it led to repentance, a turning back to God for forgiveness and a turning away from sin by changing what they were doing.  When the Corinthians were sorry and repented, they could be joyful over their salvation. 




  • If someone needed to apologize to you, how would you feel if they made a joke about it? if they smiled while doing it? if they became angry at you instead?  How do you think God feels when people need to say they are sorry to Him, but don’t really mean it?


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