Spending Time in God’s Word

Reading: Psalm 78:1-8


These verses show how much importance God places on learning His Word.  What does God want us to do with the Word that He’s given us?



The following story was written by Bruce S. Wright and published in The Children’s Six Minutes in 1922.  Now out of print, the book may be read free online.






Chicago University, one of the great schools of America and the world, received its impetus from the tireless energy and brilliant leadership of its great President, Dr. Harper. After his death there was found among his papers a memorandum which read as follows:


“If I were a boy again I would strive to find out from goods books how good men lived.


“If I were a boy again I would study the Bible even more than I did. I would make it a mental companion. The Bible is a necessity for every boy.


“If I were a boy again I would more and more cultivate the company of those older whose graces of person and mind would help me on in my good work. I would always seek good company.


“If I were a boy again I would study the life and character of our Saviour, persistently, that I might become more and more like unto him.”


Now President Harper was a great, wise and good man. If he felt that he would do certain things were he a boy again, surely the rest of us could improve upon our boyhood years had we the chance.


If I were a boy again I would be more attentive to Church and Sunday School and the things that were taught me there. If I were a boy again I would get my day school lessons with greater care. If I were a boy again I would be more obedient to and more thoughtful of my parents.


Why should I talk like this, for I cannot be a boy again? But you boys have your boyhood. It is a present reality. Let President Harper teach you. Be the boy he pictures.





For Further Study:


  • What does God say parents should do in this Psalm?  Why do you think that’s important?





  • Read Romans 10:13-17.  Also read Matthew 28:19-20.  How important is it to teach the Word of God to others?  What can’t be done until people are taught?



  • Use your concordance or the internet to search for all the baptisms that are done in the book of Acts.  You will find them in Acts 2, 8, 9, 10, and 16.  Were any of these people baptized before they were taught about Christ? What happened after they were taught – how did they feel and react? 



  • Christ came to die for people because He loved them (John 3:16).  This love for people’s souls is also what motivates us to spread His Word.  Who loves you enough to teach you the Word?  To whom can you show love by teaching them about Jesus? 
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