Songs about parents & grandparents

Here are some songs that our congregation has used in its baby Bible class for many years.  They were passed down from one mother to the next, so I’m afraid I no longer know who gets credit for them 🙂  But they are tried-and-true and well-loved.  While singing the songs, we show the children pictures of their parents & grandparents, and/or magazine clippings of families, and sometimes little dolls.

God Made Mommy/Daddy

(Tune: Are You Sleeping?)

God made Mommy, God made Mommy,

Yes He did, yes He did,

And we love her, and we love her,

Yes we do, yes we do.

(You can substitute “Daddy/him” in place of “Mommy/her”.  You can also substitute the names of members of the congregation)

Parents Bring Babies to Class

(Tune: The Bear Went Over the Mountain)

Parents bring babies to class,

Parents bring babies to class,

Parents bring babies to class,

Parents know what is best.

(In place of “Parents” you can substitute Mommies, Daddies, Grandmas, Grandpas, etc.)

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