Depending on God

Reading: Proverbs 27:23-27

Imagine that you came home one day and there was no refrigerator in your home. Imagine that there was no pantry or cupboards. What you ate was whatever you could catch or find. How much would you trust in God if you didn’t know when you would eat again?

These verses in Proverbs show us a particular kind of wisdom, the kind that comes from knowing God will provide for us. It is the kind of wisdom that takes care of our blessings and makes the most of the riches around us. It is the kind of wisdom that is thankful for God’s bountiful care.

It is so easy for us to expect to be fed and clothed. We forget that the food piled up in our pantries and the many clothes hanging in our closets are because God has ordained for the earth to bring forth its growth every season, and for the animals to multiply and sustain us.

Wise children of God remember that His hand blesses them every single day. Do you have this kind of wisdom?


For Further Study:

  • Read Exodus 16:1-7. How did God teach the Israelites to depend on Him? In Matthew chapter 10, Christ sends his twelve disciples out to begin their work for Him. In verses 9-11, He gives them some commandments about how they will be cared for during their journeys. Why do you think they can’t take anything with them?


  • Read Philippians 4:10-19, especially verse 19. How will our attitude about our riches influence the way we help and share with others?


  • Imagine you only have one shelf in your refrigerator and one shelf in your pantry. Imagine you only have room for three outfits in your closet, and one pair of shoes. What could you live without? What would you try to keep?

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