Redemption in Christ

Reading: Isaiah 43:1-7

One sunny summer day Jonah and his Aunt Nina went out shopping together. Jonah had brought his own money so that he could buy his mother a birthday present.

“What do you want to get your Mama for her birthday?” asked Aunt Nina as they sat in traffic.

Jonah smiled. “Last month I saw a bracelet on sale at Mr. Clark’s jewelry store. Daddy helped me put it on layaway for Mama, and today I brought the money for it. Mr. Clark gave me a good discount because Daddy works with his wife.”

“That was good thinking, Jonah,” said his aunt.

“Well, we were there to get Daddy’s watch fixed, and when I saw that bracelet I knew that Mama would like it. Daddy already paid for part of it, and he said I could pay the rest when I came back.”

Aunt Nina nodded. “I’ll take you there today so you can do that. Did you bring your receipt?”

“Yes.” Jonah dug around in his pocket and found the piece of paper that his Daddy had given him. “Do I just give it to Mr. Clark?”

“Yes, with the rest of the money you owe. Tell him you’ve come to redeem your bracelet.” Aunt Nina smiled. “Do you know what that means?”

“That I’ve come to buy it?”

“It’s somewhat the same meaning. Mama’s bracelet is waiting for its new owner. It’s waiting in that little case in Mr. Clark’s store, and you’ve come to set it free. Mr. Clark is holding it for you until pay the rest of what is owed on it.

“You’ve heard of people holding prisoners for ransom? The one who pays the ransom is the redeemer. You are the bracelet’s redeemer. God calls Himself a Redeemer. Can you think of what God paid for us?”

Jonah nodded. “Christ died for the sins of man. He paid for all the bad things that men do. ”

“That’s right. Christ paid the price that man should have paid. Christ is our Redeemer. And if He was willing to do that for us, we should know that He would protect us as long as we followed Him.”

“I’ve always wondered why Christ would do that for people, even the baddest people who killed him,” said Jonah.

“Well, it was a gift. You are buying a gift today for your Mama because she’s precious to you. And God wants us to know that we’re precious to Him.”

For Further Study:

  • Redemption… atonement… salvation… these words all point to the sacrifice that Christ made on our behalf. Read Psalm 130. How much did Israel long for their Messiah?


  • Read Romans 3:21. Who needs redemption? How is redemption found? How complete is that redemption? Read Romans 6:3-7. How do we come into contact with the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ?


  • Read verse 7 from Isaiah 43. Did you ever consider that YOU were created for God’s glory? How are you glorifying God in your life? What else can you do to bring glory to His Name?
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