My Ways

Reading: Isaiah 55:6-11

One day when I was about 11 years old I determined that I was going to make myself a skirt. I found some fabric, cut it and started to sew it together just like that. But of course when I held the skirt up to myself, I noticed so many mistakes. My stitches could be seen, the pattern on the fabric was going the wrong way, and I had no idea how I was going to get into it, for I hadn’t thought of leaving myself room for a waistband or zipper.

I brought my skirt to my mother, who then helped me choose a simpler fabric for a new skirt. She showed me how to turn the fabric wrong-side-up and cut out my skirt, leaving room for hems and seams. She showed me how to sew it properly, for of course when one is sewing you must think inside-out and backwards, so that none of your stitches show when you turn the garment the right way to put it on. When we were finished I had a long blue skirt with pleats and a real waistband. I was quite proud of it, and though it looked simple enough, I knew that a lot of work had gone into making it.

We sometimes think this life is so easy, forgetting that the Lord wants us to make Heaven our goal. Shall we go here or there? Shall we do this or that? If we know that pleasing the Lord is our mission in life, then those decisions become more clear and forthright.

But the child who forgets his Father soon forgets that His ways are not our ways, and then tends to choose the easier, more selfish way instead of the way that best serves Christ and others. It is much easier to be lazy, ill-tempered, and self-serving, whereas God’s way calls us to be humble, gentle, and kind. And in the end, when our work is “turned right-side-out” for viewing and judgment, the fruit of our labors is revealed, and a life of beauty and usefulness is seen. Yes, it takes work, planning, and patience, but so does any worthwhile endeavor. God’s Word promises this, and we must trust Him to do that work in us.

For Further Study:

  • In Isaiah 55:6, it says that God wants us to take advantage of His closeness and presence. The Bible is available for any man seeking to be closer to God. Read 2 Corinthians 6:2. While there is time to be close to God and learn of Him, we should do it.
  • Isaiah 55:10-11 show us how powerful God’s Word really is. Reading and learning the Bible will benefit us, day by day. Read Romans 1:16-17. What is the outcome of learning God’s Word?
  • Sometimes when I become discouraged about teaching others God’s Word, I read Isaiah 55:10 and remember that every chance we have to teach the Word can bear some fruit. Is there someone you know who hasn’t obeyed God’s Word yet? Pray to God that you’ll have an opportunity to be an example to them. Pray that they’ll learn more about Him, and that His Word will accomplish much in their lives. What else can you pray about spreading the gospel?
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