God Charges Jeremiah

Reading: Jeremiah 1:4-10

When I was a little girl my mother had to take a job in the evenings at a pharmacy. My father cared for me and my two little sisters while she was working. I was nine years old, my next sister was six, and my youngest sister was a baby. You can imagine what hard work that was for my father in the evenings.

But I was assigned as his helper. It became my job to help my father in the kitchen because my mother was not there for the evening meal. After dinner, while my father gave the baby her bottle, I would clean up the kitchen. Sometimes I would make a snack for us. We would watch television while we waited for my mother to come home.

I enjoyed helping my family in that way. My parents knew I could do it. I remember that one of their friends was surprised that I could make meals and bake cakes even though I was only nine years old. But my mother and father had never doubted that I could learn to do things like that. They had seen me grow and learn, and they knew when I was ready for certain responsibilities.

Jeremiah had a big job to do for the Lord. He was a little scared to do it. What did God tell him so that he could be brave? God had known Jeremiah even before Jeremiah was born. Wouldn’t God know that Jeremiah was ready to help? Jeremiah just needed to have confidence in himself.

Have you ever had a big job? Did you like doing it? God knows that young people can help in so many ways. What are some ways that you help your mother and father? What are some ways you would like to help in the future? What would you like to do for God someday?

For Further Study:

  • Jeremiah was told to preach the message that God would give him. That’s the same thing God wants us to do today. See Matthew 28:16-18. What are some similarities between this passage and the one you read in Jeremiah today? Another similar lesson is found in Exodus 4:1-17. What do these readings teach us about God’s care for us and our duties to Him?
  • There are people in the world who believe that an unborn child is not yet a real life. They believe that life does not begin until birth. However, today’s reading in Jeremiah shows us that God knows us before we are even born. He gives us life while we are still in the womb. He sees our potential and abilities before anyone else does. Read Psalm 139:13-16; Isaiah 49:1; Luke 1:39-44.
  • What are some excuses that people might make for not telling others about the gospel? What would you answer to these excuses?
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