Boast in These Things

Reading: Jeremiah 9:23-24

What are the things which delight you? Delight means happiness. What are the things which make you happy?

What are the things which make your parents happy? Do you like to see your parents delighted in you?

God can be delighted in us as well. When He sees us being loving & kind, just, and righteous, it brings delight to our Heavenly Father. Can you imagine what happiness abounds in Heaven because of all our good deeds and worthy thoughts?

The Word of God was given to us not only to warn us about sin, but also to help us learn what to do to be pleasing to God. Remember that when you read your Bible, you are learning how to delight your Master. That is something God says we can be proud & thankful for.

How to Be Happy was written by Lydia Sigourney and printed in 1833. Now in the public domain, it can be read free on the internet. You can see from this reading that when we do the things that make our God happy, it makes us happy as well.

Try to do good to All with whom you associate

Have you older brothers and sisters, who are anxious for your welfare? Do every thing in your power to repay their tenderness. Have you younger ones? Take pains to help them to be good. Explain their little books to them. Teach them simple pieces of poetry. If they are out of humor try to sooth them. Learn them to be careful of their toys, and to put every thing in its place when they have done with it, – and to return whatever they have borrowed to its owner. Show them by your own conduct, how to be good-tempered and happy. If they are mere babes you can do something towards this. It will be an assistance to your parents, to help in the great work of making their children good. You will also grow better and happier yourselves.

Whatever your parents are employed about, be ready to assist them, if they will permit it. If your mother is weary with household cares, or the charge of little children, come cheerfully to her aid. You can never know how much you are indebted to her, until the burdens of life are upon you, and you watch at the cradle of your own babe, as she has watched over you. But though you cannot understand, or fully repay the debt, – you may do much to cheer her by your helping hand, and affectionate deportment.

Make it a rule to try to do some good to all in whose company you are. Do not always talk about trifles with your companions. It is not improper to love play, – but it would be wrong to wish to spend all your time, and thoughts about it. If you have read an improving book, tell your little friends what you can remember of it. Ask them to do the same. Speak of the lessons that you have learned together. In this way you will share your stock of knowledge, and be quickened to gain more. You will convey good thoughts to the mind of others. To love useful knowledge is one way of being happy. To divide it among your friends is one way of doing good. So that doing good, and being happy, seem to be the same thing….

For Further Study:

  • Read 1 Corinthians 1:31. What do you think it means to “boast in the Lord”? It’s the same idea that was found in your reading today from Jeremiah. What are the things that God wants us to be proud of? 2 Corinthians 10:13-17 is an example of boasting in the Lord. Paul was the writer of this letter. Paul was not going to boast in his accomplishments for God. Instead, he boasted in how God worked in him and God’s spiritual care for him. Paul had done much work for God, but what made him proud was that the faith of others was built up and glory was given to the Lord.
    When you feel proud of something you have done, ask yourself how you can use this accomplishment to serve God. When others praise you, give God the glory. It will humble your mind towards your Father, and it will prepare your heart for more blessings and good works.
  • In Job 1:8, satan hears how Job brought delight to God. What are the things you would want God to say He delighted in you? What can you pray about these things?
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