Marching to Heaven

Reading: Jeremiah 50:4-5

When I was young, I played in the marching band.  It was hard being a new band student.  One of the strangest things to learn was to march with your head sideways. Sometimes our routines called for this, so that the sound from our instruments would all go in the same direction. Have you ever tried to walk with your head pointing in a different direction from your feet? Try it some time. It takes concentration and practice. Imagine if you had to do it all the time! You see, it isn’t natural. Our feet usually walk in the direction in which our face is pointed.

That is the picture that God uses in these verses from Jeremiah. He said that one day the Israelites would return to Him. They would be sad about their sins. They would turn their face in His direction, so that their feet would follow. This means that they would want to obey God again and to be His children forever.

Isn’t this the same thing that God wants from men today? Doesn’t God want us to be sorry when we do wrong? Doesn’t God want us to live with Him and be His forever? God loves us so much! In which direction are you headed? Are you marching steadily on to Heaven for God?

For Further Study:

  • Continue reading in Jeremiah 50:6-7. Who had led God’s “sheep” astray? God is talking about the priests and prophets who had taught the Israelites wrongly. What had happened to those who followed these false teachers? Now read John 10:11-15. Who should be our Shepherd? What makes Him special from all other shepherds?
  • What are some things that have helped you keep your “face” pointed towards heaven? What things have made it difficult?
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