Old Testament Clipart

I am slowly but surely getting together a list of links to free clip art that people can use for their Bible timelines.  Please be patient as I add to this list. Many of these images can be used on a full page as a coloring activity for your Bible studies.  **please note that clicking on a link will open it in a new window.

Old Testament

New Testament

Note: I prefer more “realistic” and “classical” artwork than comics & cartoons, so that is the clipart that I have linked here.  Unless noted, most of these images are black-and-white (because my kids enjoy coloring them).

Downloading images: I right-click on the image and copy it, then paste it into a blank Word document.  Then I re-size the image to the size I want.  That way I can fit multiple images on one page, saving ink and paper.

Old Testament Stories


You can find TONS of images from the Old and New Testament here.  I have many of these listed individually below.

Various full-color clipart can be downloaded free from here.

Biblical art is listed at this site by Old Testament character ~ I haven’t looked at all of these.  They are from classical paintings and illustrations; therefore, please watch for any that may be too graphic for your children.


Several images from the book of Genesis can be found here.  I haven’t looked at all of these yet.


Sun rising over hills

Collage of water scenes

See the ETC list of plants and landscapes

Black-and-white coloring pages of animals, birds. and ocean life from the coloringspot.com

Many drawings of animals at the National Geographic coloring book can be printed out small or enlarged for coloring pages

Full-color clipart of flowers and vegetables, birds, animals, and dinosaurs, farm animals, sharks, whales, plants, planets, and insects

Six days of Creation (a pdf file with large, full-page pictures; you cannot shrink these)

Adam and Eve (full color from Karen’s Whimsy website)

Creation of man (warning: there are classical paintings here with some nudity)

Cain and Abel

Cain & Abel’s sacrifice

Cain kills Abel


Various images here

The Flood

Evil corrupts the earth (some violence depicted, some nudity)

Noah & sons build the ark

Bird flying over much water

Ark in water

The dove returns

The Tower of Babel

Tower & people



He entertains angels

Lot’s family flees Sodom and Gomorrah

Abraham offers Isaac



Abraham’s servant finds Rebekah

Rebekah meets Isaac


Jacob tricks Isaac

Jacob’s dream in black and white (also here) and full color

With Leah and Rachel

Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob wrestles with the angel

Jacob and Esau reunited


He dreams of sun, moon, and stars

His brothers throw him in a pit and then sell him into slavery

Color images from the story can be found here (scroll down to third row from the bottom)



Ancient Egypt clipart and pyramids (full color from the DK website)


Various clipart from the story of the life of Moses, also many wonderful illustrations here and here

Baby Moses in full color, also in a basket and discovered by Pharoah’s daughter

His sister Miriam rejoicing

Joshua, Judges

Many images illustrating scenes from the books of Joshua and Judges here and here

Samson wrestling a lion

Samson with Delilah, pre-haircut

Samson and the jawbone (a little gruesome) here

Portraits of Hannah

Samuel ~ color images here (scroll to thumbnails in the second row of  from the bottom)


Various portraits here

With Naomi, and here gleaning, with Boaz


Sitting on her throne


Images depicting his life can be found here


I haven’t had time to look at these individually, there are so many, but I was really excited to find artwork & illustrations available for each of the Psalms here.


Art and illustrations corresponding to topics from Proverbs can be accessed here.

Time of the Kings

Saul at Endor


King David playing a harp (in color)


Judging between two women (warning: nudity)

Visited by Sheba

PLUS many images depicting the time of kings here (I haven’t looked through all of these yet)


Many images depicting the divided kingdom and prophets here (I haven’t looked through all of these yet)

These images depict the time of captivity and return – that would be for the books of Ezra, Nehemiah,Isaiah Jeremiah, Lamentations, and minor prophets

Elijah ascending to heaven, and a color picture of Elijah raising the widow’s son

Daniel in the lion’s den, in color here and here

Jonah, from the “I heart God” website here (not as pretty a picture as I would like)

I found a list of classical portraits and illustrations of the minor prophets.  I haven’t looked at these individually yet.

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