Reading: Daniel 2:20-22

The book of Daniel has so many wonderful stories. What are some things you know about Daniel? Daniel and his friends were such good young people, and God took care of them. How were they able to be so brave? Today’s reading tells us.

God has shown us wisdom and knowledge in the Bible. With God’s Word, we can know His thoughts, and then we can make the proper decisions about how to act. Just like Daniel and his friends, we can help others, say no to temptation, and have God’s protection. Daniel is one of the greatest Bible heroes… and his God is our God too!

The following story of courage was written by Howard J. Chidley and published in Fifty-Two Story Talks for Boys and Girls in 1914. Now out of print, the book is available free on the internet.


I want to tell you to-day of one of the bravest deeds ever done by a boy.

It happened this way. Back in the year 1793, when the French people were having trouble with their king and queen, and finally put them to death, the rulers called in soldiers from other nations to help them against their own people. The foreign soldiers met the French troops before a town called Maubeuge, and there a fierce battle was fought.

The fiercest part of the fighting was carried on against Hungarian Grenadiers, who held the market-place of the town. During this charge a drummer-boy in the French army saw that his countrymen were having a hard time of it, so he slipped around back of these Hungarian soldiers to the other side of the market-place, right in the thick of the enemy, and there drummed the charge, in order to make his comrades think that some of the French soldiers had already pushed through the enemy’s ranks, and so encourage the others to push on.

Many years after, in digging up the ground about the market-place, the little bones of that drummer-boy were found buried alongside the bones of the tall Hungarian men amongst whom he had fallen. The French people have put up a statue to his memory in the town of Avesnes, and he is shown still beating the charge on his drum, and looking out toward the frontier whence the enemy of his people came.

For Further Study:

  • If God “knows what is in the darkness” (Daniel 2:22), then what does that say about….
    … God knowing about man’s sins? Jeremiah 17:10
    … God knowing what is in our hearts? 1 Chronicles 28:9
    … God knowing what we need? Matthew 6:8
  • What do you think about when you need to be brave? Do you think of Bible heroes, a hymn, a verse? What about thinking of someone you love who is counting on you? Do you think about how brave Jesus Christ was? Make a list of these things today so that you’ll have them ready when you need them!
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