New Testament Clipart

This is a list of  links to free clip art that people can use for their Bible timelines.  Please be patient as I add to it.  Many of these images can be used on a full page as a coloring activity for your Bible studies.  **please note that clicking on a link below will open it in a new window.

Note: I prefer more “realistic” and “classical” artwork than comics & cartoons, so that is the clipart that I have linked here.  Unless noted, most of these images are black-and-white (because my kids enjoy coloring them).

Downloading images: I right-click on the image and copy it, then paste it into a blank Word document.  Then I re-size the image to the size I want.  That way I can fit multiple images on one page, saving ink and paper.

General New Testament  (click here for Old Testament)

You can find TONS of images from the Old and New Testament here.  I have many of these listed individually below.

Various full-color clipart can be downloaded free from here.

John the Baptist

Numerous images depicting his birth & ministry here

Life of Jesus

Many images here, here, and here

His birth

Wise men follow the star, in colorand black and white

Wise men before Herod (color)

Herod kills the babies (warning: some nudity, and may be too graphic for little children)

Flight into Egypt, and in color here

Presentation at the temple (color)

Numerous links to images of the nativity and His childhood here

In the temple as a young boy

A “collage” sketch of the twelve that can be colored in, here

Depictions of the parables (Garden of Praise website):

Parable of the mustard seed

Parable of the pearl of great price

Parable of the hidden treasure

Parable of the lost sheep that is found

Parable of the lost coin

Parable of the foolish virgins and the wise virgins

With the woman at the well, also here

Various black-and-white images depicting His ministry, also here, here, here, and here

Links to pictures depicting His miracles

Healing the leper (color)

Healing the blind man (color)

By the pool at Bethsaida (color)

Heals the paralytic lowered through the roof (color)

Healing the deaf man (color)

Heals the man with the withered hand (color)

Sitting with children (color), also here (color)

Loaves and fishes (color, also here)

Calming the sea (color picture)

After His resurrection, on the road to Emmaus

Images depicting his arrest, trial, and crucifixion can be found here

I also found a  list of links to art & illustrations of the resurrection and ascension

Early church

Many images here and here

Images depicting events from the book of Acts here

The Biblical Arts website has numerous links to artwork and illustrations depicting themes from the epistles of Paul. Please be aware that some of the paintings shown here may be too graphic for young children.  I haven’t screened everything on this site yet.


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