The lamp of the eye

Reading: Matthew 6:22-23

One night I was snuggled down in my bed, ready to drift off into sleep, when I noticed a strange flashing light in the corner of my room. I live in the country, which means that when it is night, it is completely dark both inside and outside my room. However, tonight there was a flashing light in the corner. When my husband got up to investigate, he found that it was the “ON” button of our printer.

Now if any of you own a printer (which you probably do if you are reading this Bible lesson), you know that the buttons on them are generally very, very small. In fact, mine is about the size of the head of a thumbtack. And only one corner of it is lit! But look at how that light flooded the darkness in my room. We couldn’t get a moment’s sleep until we had turned it off!

It made me think of these verses from Matthew about the “lamp of the body.” Our eyes are really just a very small part of our bodies. And yet, we would know very little of the world without them. What kind of images and ideas are being let in by our eyes? How are these things influencing us? Even one little bit of goodness can “flood” our entire being ~ and so can one little bit of evil!

For Further Study:

  • Jesus is so pure and good that the Scripture does not only refer to Him as light, but as the Light. This title refers to His power, eternity, and ability to save men from their sins. Read John 1:1-14. How is Christ described in these verses? How is the world described? How are believers described?
  • Read Psalm 101:3. This verse shows us that the things we see have power over us. What do you think would happen if you wrote out this verse and stuck it next to your computer, television, magazine rack, and bookshelf? Would some things have to change?
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