A Loving Father

Matthew 7:7-12

These 6 little verses are so full of wisdom and encouragement from our Lord. What kind of pictures did these verses put in your mind? Why do you think Jesus used the example of a father and a son to explain God’s love to us? What does this say about the way God hears our prayers?

The last two verses of this reading are very helpful. We are told to ask for things from God because we know He loves us. We are told that He wants to give us good things. What should we tell ourselves then, when our prayers are not answered in the way we wish?

Finally, there is verse 12. Read this verse again. If we trust and love our Heavenly Father, how will we treat others in the world?


Once in an Eastern palace wide
A little child sat weaving;
So patiently her task she plied,
The men and women at her side
Flocked around her almost grieving.

“How is it, little one,” they said,
“You always work so cheerily?
You never seem to break your thread,
Or snarl or tangle it, instead
Of working smooth and clearly.”

“I only go and tell the king,”
She said, abashed and meekly;
“You know He said, ‘In everything.'”
“Why so do we!” they cried. “We bring
Him all our troubles weekly.”

She turned her little head aside;
A moment let them wrangle;
“Ah, but,” she softly then replied,
“I go and get the knot untied
At the first little tangle!”

~ Author Unknown

For Further Study:

  • Read Philippians 4:5-7. How do these verses relate to today’s reading from Matthew 7?
  • It is very interesting the Jesus talks about three things in these verses and relates them to each other: our trust in God, our prayers to God, and our kindness towards others. When we have difficulty being kind to others, what does that say about our relationship with God? If we want to be better at loving others, then what should we do about our relationship with God?
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