Reading: Colossians 1:15-23

“It’s my turn!”
“Me first!”
“Ladies first!”

Everybody wants to be first.

But who is really FIRST?  Colossians says that Christ is first.

He was first-born ~ He was here before anything else was.  By Him, all things were created, even things we can’t see.

He is also “pre-eminent” ~ He has authority and power.  He rules over kings and presidents.  He is the head over His church.

Even though Christ deserves to be first, He came to earth and made Himself LAST.  He died so that we could have forgiveness.  It pleased God to do this and show us how much He loved us.

Have you learned the word “priority”?  To make something a priority means to give it first place in importance.  Christ should be a priority in our life, THE priority in our life, because He is our King, Creator, and Savior.

“Thanksgiving” was written by Bruce S. Wright and published in The Children’s Six Minutes in 1922.  The book is now out of print and in the public domain.


What does Thanksgiving mean to you? I hear one boy say, “It means a big dinner.” I think we all agree with him. Who does not welcome and enjoy a good dinner! I hear Mary say, “Thanksgiving means a day off from school.” I guess you are right too. School is not such a charming place that girls and boys are unwilling to have an occasional holiday.

Now I am going to ask some of the older people what the day means to them. There is a young woman. She is a stenographer. She says, “Thanksgiving means a day away from the office. I am at the office every day except Sunday, and I do appreciate, now and then, a day that is really my own.” Yonder is a traveling salesman. What does Thanksgiving mean to you? He says, “It means a day at home. Last year I spent one hundred and sixty-nine nights away from home. I have three children. I should like to see them every day. There are times when many days pass and I do not see them. Thanksgiving week I plan to be at home.”

There are others I could ask. Each has his answer. But Thanksgiving has a special meaning for us. It is the Harvest time. I have here an apple. Isn’t this a beautiful apple? What color! Who mixed the paints, who handled the brush to give such color to this apple? God. He, in his infinite love and wisdom, has provided, through the unfailing laws of nature, for the growth, sweetness, coloring and beautifying of all the products of the fields. This apple is but one of many kinds of fruits.

Praise, then, is the great meaning of Thanksgiving. God, our heavenly Father, sends us every good gift. From his bountiful hand come our daily and nightly mercies. We should praise him every day. But the day for the united chorus of praise is Thanksgiving.

For Further Study:

  • It angered the Jews when Christ old them that He was the eternal Son of God.  Can you imagine having a young man tell you that he’s been around since before the world was created?  What does God’s Word say about Christ as the Creator?  Read Genesis 1:26; John 1:1-5; and Hebrews 1:1-4.
  • Today’s reading tells us that Christ is the head of all things, including the church (Colossians 1:18).  What does it mean to be the “head” of something?  Read a similar passage in Ephesians 5:22-33.  This passage points out the similarities between Christ and a husband.  It describes them both as the “head.”  How do Christ, and husbands, have authority?  How do they show their love?  What kind of honor is due to them?
  • What do you think it takes to be the head of a company?  What kind of skills would you need?  What would need to be important to you?  If someone came to you with a complaint, how would you handle it?  What about if you were the head of a family?  Would any of the things you listed before be important?  Compare notes with the head of your family today.
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