New Page: Independent Bible Reading

I have not added new material to this blog for a while. I would like to thank those who have emailed me privately to tell me they are still using my material.  It is a great encouragement.  I do not post here regularly because my life is very busy now but I am still developing new Bible study material which I hope I can add to my blog in the future.

I have added a new page for those students who would like to read the Bible on their own, without set lesson plans or workbooks.    My daughter, who was 3  years old when I started this blog, is now 11 and looking for other material.  I would like her to start reading the Bible on her own and meditating on it daily, coming to me for help when she needs it.  She still attends Bible classes with our church and will probably start learning to teach a children’s class within the next 5 years.  So she is kind-of in this “middle ground” of not being a beginning student, but not knowing enough yet to direct her own study.  I developed this reading plan for students at her level.

Please go to this page to learn more about Independent Bible Reading and Narration.


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