Bible Songs for Children

These posts are a compilation of children’s Bible songs that friends and I have collected over the years.  I have posted the lyrics and am slowly but surely going to post MP3 recordings of the songs.  The ones I have posted so far have familiar tunes.  I have used many of these songs in Bible classes with children as young as 4 months old, and I have sung many of them at home with my own children since they were newborns.

Many thanks to those who have shared their songs with me.  I have tried to give credit to the original authors and copyright information when possible, but many of these songs are simply tried-and-true favorites that have been handed down between moms and Sunday School teachers.  If you find a song here that has not been credited and/or copyrighted properly, I would appreciate your notifying me at

Be Careful Little Eyes ~ A sweet little song that teaches the principles of purity and avoiding sin, loved by children because of its easy tune and hand motions.

Our Father’s Many Gifts ~ A song that teaches God as Creator and giver of all good things, it can also be used with different props to suit your needs.

Songs about parents & grandparents ~ I’ve collected songs here that teach love for parents and that they are a gift from God.

Thank You God ~ This song teaches thankfulness for God’s many blessings.  It can be used with different props and pictures depending on the subject upon which you want to focus.

Please also visit Diana Dow’s website, where she has an excellent list of Bible class songs she has written herself.

Sing with Me the Story ~ This hymnbook for children was written by a faithful Christian and experienced Bible class teacher.

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