Serving Others

Reading: Matthew 25:31-40

“The Best Fun” is from the book Tiger & Tom and Other Stories for Boys.  Published in 1910, the book can be read freely online.


“Now, boys, I’ll tell you how we can have some fun,” said Fred Blake to his companions, who had assembled on a beautiful, moonlight evening for sliding, snowballing, and fun generally.

“How?” “Where?” “What is it?” asked several eager voices together.

“I heard Widow More tell a man a little while ago,” replied Fred, “that she would go to sit up with a sick child to-night. She said she would be there about eight o’clock. Now, as soon as she is gone, let’s make a big snow man on her doorstep so that when she comes home, she cannot get in without first knocking him down.” Read the rest of this entry »

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On Sacrifice

Reading: John 12:24-28

Jesus says we have to be willing to “hate” our lives for Him.  He is talking about giving up the things we love.  He is talking about sacrifice.  He wants us to love Him and to love others more than ourselves.

Jesus did not just sacrifice when He died on the cross.  He sacrificed every day when He taught, visited, encouraged, prayed for, and forgave others.  We can do those things too.

If we want to follow Christ, we will have to let our selfishness “die” by giving to others.  But Jesus said He has some gifts for us too:

  • we will “bear much fruit” – good things will happen because of our good works, we will feel good about ourselves, and we will be an example to others;
  • we will have eternal life in Heaven;
  • He will live with us;
  • the Father will honor us.

Think about these things the next time you are asked to put someone else’s needs before your own.  Giving may seem hard, but in the end it will be a great blessing for you and them.

“…remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”  (Acts 20:3)

The following is an excerpt from the story “The Wonderful Pocket.”  This tale can be found in the book, The Wonderful Pocket and Other Stories which was written in 1869 by Chauncey Giles.  Now out of print, the book can be read freely online.


One cold Christmas Eve, Charles Lee was sitting by the fire, looking earnestly at the coals as they burned cheerfully in the grate, sometimes sending out great volumes of smoke, and then bursting into flame, and lighting up the little room in which he was sitting, and making its naked walls look quite ruddy and cheerful. But none of its pleasant light entered Charles’ mind. He looked gloomy and sullen, and occasionally muttered something to himself as if he were angry at everybody. Read the rest of this entry »

Doing Good

Reading: Luke 6:27-38

The following tale is an excerpt from the story “Metempsychosis.”  This tale can be found in the book, The Wonderful Pocket and Other Stories which was written in 1869 by Chauncey Giles.  Now out of print, the book can be read freely online.  It is an interesting story that encourages young boys and girls to do good to others.


“O Father!” said little John Clive, “what is the meaning of this long, hard word?”

“What word?” asked his father.

“I cannot pronounce it. It is too long and hard for me,” said John… John brought the book to his father.

“That is metempsychosis.”

“Me-temp-sy-cho-sis,” said John, pronouncing it very slowly. “What a long, hard word! It must have a big meaning, I am sure. But I don’t see what they make such long, hard words for.”

“They make them to express ideas,” said his father.

“Well,” replied John,” metempsychosis must express a bigger idea than I ever had.”

“Very probable,” said his father; “but it contains a very interesting one, nevertheless; and when I have explained it to you, I will tell you a very strange dream I had about it last night.” Read the rest of this entry »

Boast in These Things

Reading: Jeremiah 9:23-24

What are the things which delight you? Delight means happiness. What are the things which make you happy?

What are the things which make your parents happy? Do you like to see your parents delighted in you? Read the rest of this entry »

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Our Father’s Many Gifts

This song can be adapted and used with many different props.

Tune: London Bridge


Our Father gives us many gifts, many gifts, many gifts,

Our Father gives us many gifts,

And one gift is our friends(Show a picture of friends, or many children together)


You can also substitute: family, clothes, pets, food, toys, plants, etc.

Many thanks to Pam Lattin for sharing this song!

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God’s Wonderful Family

Reading: 2 Samuel 9

“Now look at what I’ve done,” said Judy. She held up her knitting for Mary to see. “I’ve missed a stitch down here and I’ll have to unravel the whole thing and start over.”

Mary looked at the red and blue scarf that her sister was knitting. Unfortunately, the mistake was too obvious in her sister’s pattern.

Judy began pulling unraveling the scarf. Mary watched as the colorful yarn came curling out of the scarf. Mary helped by winding the yarn into a little ball while her sister pulled. Little by little, the scarf became shorter as the ball became larger. “It’s too bad you can’t just undo it down there where you missed a stitch,” she said sorrowfully.

Judy shook her head and said with a sigh, “It doesn’t work that way with knitting. You can’t just cut and patch it like a piece of fabric. It won’t be as strong afterwards. Do you see how the yarn winds in and around itself because of the way I’ve knit it? It’s very strong. I want this scarf to last and last.” Judy’s hands paused for a moment and she looked at her little sister. “Do you remember that this is the way God described Jonathan and David’s love for each other? In the book of 1 Samuel, He said their hearts were knitted together.”

“I didn’t remember that,” said Mary, looking at the length of scarf still left on her sister’s lap. When knitted correctly, the scarf would last her for many winters. “What a nice, strong friendship they must have had.”

“It was. And when David found out that Jonathan’s little boy was in need, David took care of him. He remember his love for Jonathan, and this made him love David’s little boy.”

“That was a very nice thing to do.”

“But Mary, that’s the way we’re supposed to be with God’s people. When anyone in God’s family is in need, He expects the other members of the family to help. We should be that way with our church family. It’s a great comfort and blessing.” Judy held up her scarf and smiled. “If we’re knit together correctly, our love will last and last!”

I will dwell in them and walk among them;
And I will be their God, and they shall be My people…
And I will be a father to you,
And you shall be sons and daughters to Me,”
Says the Lord Almighty.
2 Corinthians 6:16-18

For Further Study:

  • Read Acts 2:41-46. How did the early Christians show that they were a family?
  • How does it feel in your own family when….
    ….someone doesn’t show up for a meal, without explanation? See Hebrews 10:24-25 and think of what this does to God’s family.
    … or when family members argue constantly? See 2 Corinthians 12:20-21 and imagine people in the Lord’s family acting that way.
    ….when people do not properly handle their problems with one another? See 1 Timothy 5:1-2, and also verse 19, and imagine what that does in God’s family.
    ….when the children do not submit to their elders? Read Hebrews 13:17 and think of what that would be like at church.
  • Do you think of your church as your family? Do you think of God looking down and wondering how His children are behaving? Do you treat people at church better or worse than your own brothers and sisters at home? Ask God to help you be more loving and patient with others. Think of some things you can do for others at home and in the church so that God will be pleased.
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