The Influence of the Young

Reading: 1 Timothy 4:12-16

This is a wonderful passage for young people to read.  Imagine that you are Timothy.  You were raised by a Christian mother and grandmother, and you traveled and learned from the apostle Paul.  You are now a young preacher in a congregation with many people older than you, who know the Jewish law better than you do.

Wouldn’t you be concerned about how you could influence people in the church?  Have you ever been told that “you’re just too young” to do something?

Paul tells Timothy not to worry about that.  Timothy has something very special: the Word of God.  If Timothy would continue to study it and obey it, those around him would believe and be saved.

Timothy was concerned about what he could do for others – we should be as well.  Isn’t there a lot of work for young people to do in God’s kingdom?  You can pray that your example and teaching can have the same powerful effect on others!

Small Means and Great Ends is a collection of stories edited by Mrs. M.H. Adams published in 1851.  The book may be read free online.


“Oh! how I do wish I was rich!” said Eliza Melvyn, dropping her work in her lap, and looking up discontentedly to her mother; “why should not I be rich as well as Clara Payson? There she passes in her father’s carriage, with her fine clothes, and haughty ways; while I sit here–sew–sewing–all day long. I don’t see what use I am in the world!

“Why should it be so? Why should one person have bread to waste, while another is starving? Why should one sit idle all day, while another toils all night? Why should one have so many blessings, and another so few?”

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Love & Friendship

Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

How to be Happy was written by Lydia Sigourney and published in 1833.  This little book of spiritual advice is now in the public domain and may be read freely online.


You have little playmates with whom you like to spend your holiday hours. Never quarrel with, or be unkind to them. If you hear them use any improper word, or see them do any improper action, advise them to a different course. If they are happy, and praised by others for their good behavior, rejoice with them. If you feel provoked at any thing while you are with them, use no angry words. It is better to leave off playing, than to contend. The excellent poet, Dr. Watts, says in his hymns for children,

Hard names, and threats, and bitter words
Which are but noisy breath,
May end in blows, and naked swords,
In discord and in death.

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The Power of the Gospel

Reading: Romans 1:13-19

Paul certainly was not someone who was ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He gave his life to preaching and teaching others.  Paul was absolutely certain that the Bible could save every man on earth.  Nothing else is needed for man to find salvation.  He only has to read the Bible, believe God’s Word, and obey it.  Isn’t that what verse 17 is telling us in today’s reading?  We have to live by faith, and make God’s Word part of our daily lives.  That is how the Word saves us.  Isn’t it wonderful to have all that power in our hands?

The lesson, “Good Advice” was written by Bruce S. Wright and published in A Children’s Six Minutes in 1922.  Now out of print, the book may be read freely online.

Most of us, men and women as well as girls and boys, do not take kindly to advice. We very much prefer that people keep their advice to themselves. There are times, however, when we are compelled to listen to advice, because of the source. Here is a bit of advice that commands our attention. It is from the great English novelist, Charles Dickens.

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Serving Others

Reading: Matthew 25:31-40

“The Best Fun” is from the book Tiger & Tom and Other Stories for Boys.  Published in 1910, the book can be read freely online.


“Now, boys, I’ll tell you how we can have some fun,” said Fred Blake to his companions, who had assembled on a beautiful, moonlight evening for sliding, snowballing, and fun generally.

“How?” “Where?” “What is it?” asked several eager voices together.

“I heard Widow More tell a man a little while ago,” replied Fred, “that she would go to sit up with a sick child to-night. She said she would be there about eight o’clock. Now, as soon as she is gone, let’s make a big snow man on her doorstep so that when she comes home, she cannot get in without first knocking him down.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Doing Good

Reading: Luke 6:27-38

The following tale is an excerpt from the story “Metempsychosis.”  This tale can be found in the book, The Wonderful Pocket and Other Stories which was written in 1869 by Chauncey Giles.  Now out of print, the book can be read freely online.  It is an interesting story that encourages young boys and girls to do good to others.


“O Father!” said little John Clive, “what is the meaning of this long, hard word?”

“What word?” asked his father.

“I cannot pronounce it. It is too long and hard for me,” said John… John brought the book to his father.

“That is metempsychosis.”

“Me-temp-sy-cho-sis,” said John, pronouncing it very slowly. “What a long, hard word! It must have a big meaning, I am sure. But I don’t see what they make such long, hard words for.”

“They make them to express ideas,” said his father.

“Well,” replied John,” metempsychosis must express a bigger idea than I ever had.”

“Very probable,” said his father; “but it contains a very interesting one, nevertheless; and when I have explained it to you, I will tell you a very strange dream I had about it last night.” Read the rest of this entry »

Learning to Say “No”

Reading: 2 Kings 17:7-23

Here we read a long list of all the sins of the kingdom of Israel. It all started when Israel wanted to be just like everyone else around them. They learned to worship the idols of the people around them. The Israelites forgot that they were supposed to be holy and different. You can see that many terrible things started with just one “small” thing: wanting to be like everybody else.

Sometimes we don’t like being so different from others. But we have to remember that our different-ness is what makes us bright, beautiful, shining lights in this world. Some people will not like us for that. But some will – they will notice, they will want to learn, and their soul may be saved because of the Light that you brought to them!

The Wonderful Pocket and Other Stories was written by Chauncey Giles and published in 1869. Now out of print, the book may be read freely online.


“Po-p-o, Popopo, Popocat, Pop-o- catapit. Oh, dear, what a hard word! I can never pronounce it, I am sure. I wish they would not have such hard names in geography,” said George Gould, entirely out of patience. “Will you please to tell me how to pronounce the name of this mountain, father ? I wish they would not have any mountains, or else give them easier names.”

“Why, do you call that a hard word to pronounce ?” said his father. “I know much harder words than that.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Whole-Hearted Love

Reading: 2 Kings 10:21-31

Jehu the king did many good things for God. However, Jehu had learned how to worship idols just like his father. Jehu never did remove idol worship completely from Israel. He was not “careful to walk in the ways of the Lord with all his heart.” There were things that Jehu allowed his heart to love more than God. Isn’t that sad?

No matter how much good we do, it doesn’t help us if we love other things more than God. There are many good people in the world. But God wants our hearts. If we give God our whole hearts, then goodness will follow. Learn to love God now with your whole heart, while you are young and can choose a godly life. Give Him your heart!

“Only This Once” appeared in Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys. This book of short moral stories for children was published in 1910 and can be read freely online.


“I’ll be in again very soon, mother; I am only going ’round the corner to see the new billiard rooms;” and, cap in hand, Harry was closing the parlor door when his mother called him back.

“I cannot consent to your going there, my dear,” she said; “you must know that both your father and myself disapprove of all such places.” Read the rest of this entry »

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