Daily Bible Studies

I commend you for wanting to study the Bible with your children every day!  I imagine satan snorting and stomping with fury every time a parent makes this decision!  I hope the materials I’ve written will help and encourage you with this wonderful endeavour.

Please go to the pages that are best suited to your child’s reading level ~

Ages 0-6 ~ This page has tips for using my studies with younger children, plus other resources for the very young.

Ages 6+ ~ Here you will find a Children’s Daily Bible study that covers an entire year

Ages 12+ ~ This page has a daily study based on the book of Proverbs.

3 Responses to “Daily Bible Studies”

  1. WorleyArts Says:

    How wonderful! Just saw your post on Ambleside and I hopped right over! I have been struggling with exactly what to do to for a daily Bible study that isn’t over my 8-year-old’s head but isn’t dumbed down either. I look forward to trying these.

    Please pop over to visit my main blog, Rose Cottage, too!

    Thanks & God bless!

  2. Bea Says:

    YOur Proverbs study is terrfic!! We are in chapter 8 this week. I added copywork and some dictionary skills as mine are older.

    This has been a great help for me!! I dont have time right now to make my own. Since you did all the ground work it frees me to add a few things here and there!!

    Thanks for giving this to us at Notebooking2learn!!

    You are so kind!!

    Alaska Bea

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Thank you so very much! These Bible studies are wonderful. I appreciate your work and am so blessed that I found this site!! My children are doing the Proverbs study and the older one. We all love them.

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