The lessons listed under “Find A Study” on the right are written in a storybook style that worked really well with my children even at a very young age.  If you choose “Print” from your browser, it should pull up a printable version of the study.

You can use my lessons in a variety of ways:

1. Read the story/discussion section to them first, since sometimes these grab their attention better.  Then read the Bible passage.  Ask them to tell you what they’ve learned (please look on my narration page for other review tips).

2. This age group likes hands-on things, so you can find an activity to supplement your lesson.  (Or scroll down on this page to find links to other websites with activities for Bible students).

3. Because this age does better with short, simple lessons and variety, consider “stretching” one lesson plan over a week by combining readings with activities.  You can find more tips about this on my post about the five-day format for teaching.

Here are some other sources for easy daily lessons for younger children:


Aunt Charlotte’s Stories


I came across A Child’s Bible Reader by Charlotte Yonge at a used bookstore.  It was later released as Aunt Charlotte’s Stories for the Very Young, and is available free for downloading from here.

This is a wonderful little book of Bible stories for elementary-aged children.  There are 52 chapters, which are meant to be weekly studies.  Each chapter comes with three lessons.  I did one lesson a day with my children ~ that gets you a little over 150 lessons.

“If I’d been Abraham I would not have done that.  Why did he not take the best and let Lot scuffle for himself?” said Willie… “No,” said Aunt Charlotte, “Abraham did right, as we shall see.  Jesus says, ‘blessed are the peace-makers,’ and Abraham was a peacemaker….” (A Child’s Bible Reader, page 41).

The lessons have questions at the end of each section for the children to answer.  As always, be ready to compare the lessons to the true Scripture.  They quote from the King James version of the Bible.


A Child’s Picture Bible


This book can be downloaded free from Google Books.  It contains simple pictures and short stories from the Old Testament.


Other Favorites


The following books can be purchased online or at bookstores & thrift stores.  I recommend them because they are easy to read and have questions for the children.   I started reading these books to my kids when they were about a year old:

The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth Taylor.  There are later versions of this book, but I prefer the illustrations in the original.

The Bible Illustrated for Little Children by Ella K. Lindvall.

The Bedtime Bible Storybook: 365 Read-Aloud Stories by Daniel Partner.

As with any Bible storybook, you’ll have to “screen” each story to make sure it conforms with Scripture.  I don’t hesitate to point out discrepancies in our storybooks to my children.  Sometimes I ask them for a pen so we can cross something out!


Other Resources


I’ve been compiling some of my favorite links and resources for Bible class materials for the very young, especially ages 0-3.  At this age, a beautifully-written and -illustrated storybook makes for a good, simple Bible class with mom and dad every day.  Some parents may want to add songs or other teaching tools.

Thanks to those who’ve told me about these links!  Please send recommendations to  Please contact me if a link below doesn’t work.  If you use materials from another site besides mine, please check its copyright policy.

  • There are free Bible storybooks available for downloading from The Baldwin Project (scroll down to “Biblical Faith Stories”).  For this age group, I recommend The Nursery Book of Bible Stories by Amy Steedman, which can be downloaded here.
  • The Garden of Praise website has Bible stories, activities, and songs to print out.
  • This website has an entire book of wonderful illustrations to color.  I have specific links to it on my clipart page.
  • This website has illustrations of Bible stories that even older children can appreciate and color.
  • Diana Dow has lesson plans and songs for children on her website.  She is an experienced teacher and her material is Scripturally sound.  Keep in mind that the lessons were written for the Bible class teacher with 30-45 minutes and same-aged children in class.  You will want to pick and choose which parts of the lesson you want to focus on for family Bible studies (see my post on simplifying studies for ideas).
  • The Back To the Bible website has recordings of songs for children, along with the words written out.
  • The Calvary Chapel website has a free curriculum, complete with coloring and activity sheets.  You’re given a Bible reading, memory verse, and then exercises based on individual verses.  Application/discussion is therefore left up to the teacher (of course, I would just use narration).  There’s even a Spanish version.
  • The Sunday School Sources website has free lessons, activities, songs, and flashcards.
  • For a printout of flashcards and a puzzle that will help your child memorize Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”), see this post.

2 Responses to “Preschool”

  1. Amaria Says:

    What a fantastic site! I’ll be visiting here for ideas regularly, and I will definitely pass it on to others who work with children!
    I thought I’d let you know of my magnetic Bible stories which I have recently started making and can be ordered from my Etsy site. I started making them at my sister’s request- she was looking for flannel board Bible stories, and only seemed to be able to find modern, almost cartoonish styles- (not that these don’t appeal to children, it just wasn’t what she was after) I made the first magnetic set for the story of Abram and Lot, and they were a huge success. I thought they might be of interest to some of your readers. I will do custom orders for any story they may need.

    Thanks again for making such a useful site available and helping to instill the Gospel in young hearts!

  2. Nikolaj Says:

    Awesome. I just stumbled upon your website while preparing my lessons. I feel that this will become a great asset in finding the right pictures to color and to delve further in it besides that. Thank you for sharing. Be blessed.

    A Belgian brother.

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