I’ve compiled some Bible studies here that could relate to certain school subjects.  I hope they’ll be helpful for homeschoolers.  I thought that having Bible lessons coincide with school subjects might help parents who didn’t want to “commit” to a Daily Bible Study series. Also, this format could help children put their school studies in a wider context and “make connections” between the things they see around them and the Word of God.  I believe this is part of keeping the Word close to our hearts (Deuteronomy 6:6-9).

I’ve also written Bible studies for use when studying Shakespeare’s plays.  I will slowly but surely be getting these uploaded for you.  The Daily Bible Studies have been my priority, so I apologize that this section is a little thin.

There are two categories available right now:

History (including Bible lessons that could relate to studies in history, government, wars, etc.) and

Science and Nature Study (including studies that have references to animals, plants, weather, and other things in God’s creation).

Please check back as I add more studies.

Although I do not intend for this to be a homeschooling website, but a Bible study website, I have posted some links to homeschool resources here.


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