Reading: 1 Timothy 3:1-13

These verses are a list that helps Christians appoint elders and deacons in their local church.  Who are the elders and deacons at your congregation?  What are the important qualities that men should have in order to be elders or deacons?

These verses show us how important our families are in helping us be good servants.  If a man wanted to be an elder or deacon, what qualities should his wife and children have?

Sometimes we think of an elder or deacon as acting a certain way when we see him at church.  We forget that he has a role to play at home, and that his home life is what makes him such a good elder and deacon for us.

Small Means and Great Ends is a collection of stories edited by Mrs. M.H. Adams published in 1851.  The book may be read free online.


Of all places in the wide world, my own early home excepted, none seem to me more pleasing in memory than my grandmother’s cottage. Very often did I visit it in my boyhood, and well acquainted with its appearance within, and with almost every object around it, did I become. It stood in a quiet nook in the midst of the woods, about five miles from the pleasant seaport where I was born. The cottage was not a spacious one. It had but few rooms in it; but it was amply large for my aged grandparents, I remember. They lived happily there. My grandfather was somewhat infirm; my grandmother was a very vigorous person for one of seventy-five; this was her age at the time of my first recollection of her. She used to walk from her cottage to our home; and once I walked with her, but was exceedingly mortified that I could not endure the walk so well as she did.

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Love & Friendship

Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

How to be Happy was written by Lydia Sigourney and published in 1833.  This little book of spiritual advice is now in the public domain and may be read freely online.


You have little playmates with whom you like to spend your holiday hours. Never quarrel with, or be unkind to them. If you hear them use any improper word, or see them do any improper action, advise them to a different course. If they are happy, and praised by others for their good behavior, rejoice with them. If you feel provoked at any thing while you are with them, use no angry words. It is better to leave off playing, than to contend. The excellent poet, Dr. Watts, says in his hymns for children,

Hard names, and threats, and bitter words
Which are but noisy breath,
May end in blows, and naked swords,
In discord and in death.

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Take Up Your Cross

Reading: Luke 9:23-26

Jesus said that we must take up a cross if we want to save our soul.  Sometimes our “crosses” – our duties and responsibilities – feel very heavy.  Jesus’ certainly did.  But what does this tell us about the value of our souls?  Was Jesus ashamed to carry a cross for us?

Do you ever wish it wasn’t so hard to be good?  Do you ever wish that you didn’t have duties and difficulties, but could just do what you want?  What would happen, do you think, if we didn’t have to work hard to get to heaven?  Do you think we would appreciate Heaven if our lives here on earth were filled with nothing but pleasure?

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Learning to Say “No”

Reading: 2 Kings 17:7-23

Here we read a long list of all the sins of the kingdom of Israel. It all started when Israel wanted to be just like everyone else around them. They learned to worship the idols of the people around them. The Israelites forgot that they were supposed to be holy and different. You can see that many terrible things started with just one “small” thing: wanting to be like everybody else.

Sometimes we don’t like being so different from others. But we have to remember that our different-ness is what makes us bright, beautiful, shining lights in this world. Some people will not like us for that. But some will – they will notice, they will want to learn, and their soul may be saved because of the Light that you brought to them!

The Wonderful Pocket and Other Stories was written by Chauncey Giles and published in 1869. Now out of print, the book may be read freely online.


“Po-p-o, Popopo, Popocat, Pop-o- catapit. Oh, dear, what a hard word! I can never pronounce it, I am sure. I wish they would not have such hard names in geography,” said George Gould, entirely out of patience. “Will you please to tell me how to pronounce the name of this mountain, father ? I wish they would not have any mountains, or else give them easier names.”

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Teaching Our Children

This wonderful article was written by Joanne Beckley, aka “Granny,” who has a wealth of experience as a Bible teacher.  I hope it will encourage you as much as it did me.


We chose to live in a foreign country in order to spread the gospel in that part of the world. In doing so, we felt the burden of realization that we were without the support of other Christians available to help us teach our children. The significance of this weighed heavily upon us the entire 14 years our sons were with us in South Africa. Read the rest of this entry »

Boast in These Things

Reading: Jeremiah 9:23-24

What are the things which delight you? Delight means happiness. What are the things which make you happy?

What are the things which make your parents happy? Do you like to see your parents delighted in you? Read the rest of this entry »

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God Charges Jeremiah

Reading: Jeremiah 1:4-10

When I was a little girl my mother had to take a job in the evenings at a pharmacy. My father cared for me and my two little sisters while she was working. I was nine years old, my next sister was six, and my youngest sister was a baby. You can imagine what hard work that was for my father in the evenings. Read the rest of this entry »

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