Our Rock of Refuge

Reading: Psalm 62

When Matthew and Michael went on walks around their ranch with their Daddy, they always stopped at a place that they called “Lookout Rock.” From this high point on their property, they could see miles around. They could see their house, barn, and corrals. They could see the state highway that ran past the north end of the ranch. They could see the old creaky windmill and stock tank to the east.

They came to Lookout Rock tonight to watch the sunset. It was always especially pretty from this vantage point. They sat down together on a ledge in the rock and talked.

“How long do you think this rock has been here?” Daddy asked the boys.

Matthew thought about that as he looked out to the pink and red horizon. “I guess for quite a while, Dad. Remember that old arrowhead we found on it? There must’ve been Native Americans on this land long before our family came here.”

“I remember that bone I found one time,” said Michael. “Maybe it belonged to a dinosaur!”

“That could be true,” said Daddy, “or it may be the bone of an old buffalo. Do you remember that the Bible describes God as a Rock? It says so in the Psalms. It says that God can be our strength and a place to go to when we’re scared. We can go to God when we need to feel safe. Do you feel safe on this rock? Do you feel like it might slide away under you, or disappear?”

“No,” said Matthew. “Like we said, this rock’s probably been here forever. It’ll probably be here a long time after we’re all gone.”

“That’s right. It’s solid and strong, which is what God is for us. How can you run to God for help?”

“We can pray to Him,” said Michael, “and read about Him in the Bible.”

“Yes, the Bible tells us all the wonderful promises God makes so that we can feel safe. Also, we have our church family to remind us and help us when we need it.”

“That’s really loving of God to give that to us,” said Matthew.

“Yes, it is. It’s a love that’s solid and strong, just like God!”

For Further Study:

  • Remember that David, who wrote this Psalm, was a king and a general. He knew that there were people he could not trust. He knew there were people who would trick him and try to take away his power. But David knew he could always trust God. God has shown us that we should trust Him always. He has given us a church family to trust and care for us. Read Titus 2. God has also given us older men and women in our church family to guide and encourage us. These are people who have been married a long time, raised children, and who know the Bible well. You can tell by the way they talk in Bible class and the kind of life they live.
  • Who are the older, wiser people in your church family whom your parents trust? Ask your parents whom they go to at church for help and advice. Find out why your parents trust them.
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